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1650 28th St UNIT 1224, Boulder, CO 80301, USA

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    Luis Bustamante
    January 22, 2023

    DO NOT PLACE AN ONLINE ORDER! I frequently order from chipotle and half of the time my orders are half filled (burrito bowl) but this time they didn’t even bother with serving me the extra Barbacoa that I paid for.

    YiRu Hess
    March 22, 2023

    Disappointed in my overall experience. The service individuals clearly did not listen as I described what I wanted. I asked for extra veggies and they gave one little scoop (took 3 times to get it done), same with several other items. They were on auto pilot and not really connecting or listening. The veggies specifically were very salty and over cooked and the steak was dry. I do not get rice but had fresh lettuce. Guacamole was tasty at least. I also love that I can get soda water. I do not go out much so when it is not so good it makes me sad that I spent my money there. I wish the experience overall was better. Place was easy to find, area was very busy so finding a parking space was a little challenge.

    Aaron Colvard
    April 12, 2023

    Don't order online. Half the time lately, I end up with two nuggets of chicken. This time, I got zero. I'm sure the manager makes great numbers not giving people what they paid for, but I'm never ordering from there again.

    Martin Whomps
    January 31, 2023

    One of the worst places to pickup from while doing door dash/Uber. If anyone is wondering why your food shows up cold, us drivers have to basically fight the cashier to get them to bring over the mountain of orders they have piled up. They will let your order sit there until they have 12 other orders ready to bring over to the actual pickup shelf. Sometimes there will be 6 drivers waiting for the pickup orders and instead of just bringing them over, everyone just has to sit there and look at them. Their drink problem is absolutely out of control and I strongly recommend not ordering one at all. The employees are supposed to put it in the bag with your food and 98% of the time, they don’t. If you place and order through the chipotle website for delivery, is drivers can not see what your order is. We are left completely in the dark and when we show up and you ask where you drink is, we had no idea. This location is always extremely well staffed. They even have a dedicated area to prepare online orders and yet it is always a fight to get someone to bring the orders over. There is simply no excuse for any of this and you only make all the problems worse. Please just have patience and understand with your delivery person if you do chose to order from here. We are literally walking into a circus every single time. Edit: this place is still horrible. I see some of your reviews. I can promise you, not a single employee in this place actually care. Hardly any of them are ever willing to actually do their jobs. They recently started keeping all online orders behind the counter. So now when you go to pickup, you have to wait in a pickup line. This pickup line is run by the cashier who won’t give you orders until they are done ringing people up. 99% of the time I stand there for 10 minutes just looking at all of your food getting cold. This place could be run better by a 13 year old. So whoever you are manager, you should consider something different and let someone who knows what they are doing take over

    Bryce G
    March 10, 2023

    For some reason at this location if you want anything more than half a bowl you have to explicitly ask for extra. Yesterday I asked for rice and was given about 1/4 cup in the corner of my bowl, and the meat and toppings were sparse as well. I basically had to ask for extra everything and my bowl was still not full as it is at other Chipolte locations. The portions are defiantly not worth 10-12$ Cafe mex will give you a meal large enough for two for cheaper.

    Chipotle Mexican Grill

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    1650 28th St UNIT 1224, Boulder, CO 80301, USA
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